Andrew Markel Technical Writer/Technical Information Specialist at Babcox Publications
Pros -Bang for the buck this is a great scope that works well with the Maxisys tablet Android app (Autel spent some time with this). -Packaged with a nice set of basic leads and probes. -Four channels at a great price. -Look in the probe menu for current clamps. -Records waveforms and easy to export and store. -Fast startup -Rugged case

Con -PC software is not as good as the app! -Gets a little slow when running three or four channels -Limited screen space when running multiple channels on a 906 -Can't set up custom probes, -No automotive presets.

Overall This is a Hantek scope but made to Autel specs. If you know what you are doing setting up triggers and scales you will like this scope and app. and is a great compliment to your Autel scan tool.
Dana Rhody Owner/Technician at Lake City motors
I have been looking at this scope for a while. I have the Autel maxisys 908pro and thought it would compliment the scan tool. I know how to set parameters on a scope but I like the presets for the time it saves. I currently use a Snap-On Modis (as a scope mostly) but it is slow and has a small (and dim) screen. I might bite the bullet and try it. (the price is reasonable enough)