Kenny Solomon Owner/Technician at Kenny's Perfect Auto Repair
I thought moving into Snap On New Scanner and new OS system was a upgrade from the MT2500 and Edge scanner predecessors. Nope. I've sent the Unit back 3 times in first 2 years for software issues and once for touch screen stopped working. The salesmen showed me all these cool features , but it wasn't till after I bought it that those cool features was a pay subscription . And still as of toady , Try entering into a 2018 Chrysler Jeep vehicle. First set up a Snapon Profile page . Next a Auto Auth acct to pas thru Mopar Data for a $50. per year base access fee. After a few hours of navigating and tech support ...THEN you should be ready to start reading data. Nope ... now the Wifi feature on the TRinto D10 is crap. I'm 20 feet away from Verizon Router base, and I keep getting OUT OF RANGE message. 35 feet in standard Wifi range . I find Autel MK or MS908 pro, for 1/4 of the cost of Snapon , no Glitches , everything works , plus some light programming features . Install a used body mod on older Mopar and write in the Vin. Reset Oil Change warning on a Maserati . Bottom Line , The TRinton D10 , is a turn off . I'd stick to the the Snap ON Edge scanner and add a Autel to your Diag tool set.
Kenneth Jordan Technician at Jones Chevrolet
Thanks for that I’m looking into getting a new scanner and that was one of my options. Will be scratching that off my list