Thomas Richardson Owner/Technician at Master Tech Automotive
-Back story- I've seen these scantools for sale on ECS tuning for some time under their in house brand name "Schwaben Multi-System Elite Scanner, by FoxWell", I have always been surprised by the value for money in the Schwaben tools, so I took the plunge and bought the NT520 from FoxWell directly. I purchased 2 car lines and the hardware for $209 shipped from China. It came preinstalled with VW and their brands (Audi, Bentley...). I had to register the tool on FoxWell's website and email them requesting the 2nd vehicle manufacture line. I got a confirmation email within 24 hours. I connected the scatool to my laptop and installed Mercedes Benz and it came with their brands (Smart, Sprinter). -Ok, now how well the tool works. (Compared to Autel 906ts and Matco/Launch Maximus2.0)- It has the exact same functionality as the Autel as far as accessing modules and reading codes and live data. The screen is high resolution so the amount of data viewed at once is very useful. It has the ability to graph live data. It can change coding in modules. Reset service lights. And the OBD mode works well too. So far I have not found anything to make me regret purchasing it (especially for the price).