Richard Merriman Manager at Rick's Advantech Auto Repair
This is the only tool in the shop that could even make a connection with Porsche and most of the Jaguars. Tech support was very helpful. I had a ton of problems at one point until I realized the USB cord was going bad. The tech support guys sent me a free new one that was longer and much better quality. It has worked great since. I am going to invest the extra $ soon for the wifi plug. That should be the only one they sell now days!

I bought a mini windows 10 tablet with detachable keyboard, and I really love Giotto now. A laptop is so clumsy and fragile to lug around. The tablet battery last longer, the tablet power cord is light and easy to carry, and the tablets can plug straight into the cigarette lighter, unlike a laptop. Giotto has become a compact and handy tool that has also become the first one I grab now.

I was even able to control the transmission fluid pressure on a 04 ford Thunderbird the other day for the diag. I was so happy it was able. I could never have done the diag without it!

The biggest drawback is it fails to activate the enhanced activations sometimes, so you have to check the activations first, and then unplug the security dongle and restart the program. It has activated the second time every time lately. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars.