William Pupo Owner/Technician at Eddie's Auto Repair Inc
Just to have all the size cups the kit offers is worth the cost. I have only used them in the press, so I do not have feed back on how the forcing screws will hold up. But the cups are all heavy duty and the case seams to be well made. From amazon listing:

26pc Universal Press and Pull Sleeve Kit For the removal and installation of bushes / bearings and seals etc. Fully universal applications on both cars and LCV Contents - 22 x Press Sleeves Inside Diameter from 34-72mm in 2mm steps Outside Diameter from 44-82mm in 2mm steps 4 x Pulling Spindles with nuts and thrust bearings M10. M12. M14. M16. Supplied in heavy duty moulded storage case

William Pupo Owner/Technician at Eddie's Auto Repair Inc

Finally used one of the forcing screws. I put some oil on the threads and the thrust bearings to make sure nothing had to work harder than needed. A slight tap with a small hammer on the arm during the pressing helped the bushing move.
John F Kimmel Technician at First Transit
William thank you for this recommendation. This looks to be a worthwhile tool for the shop arsenal. We need this at our shop . Been having to replace a lot of radius arm bushings on our fleet of E350/E450 Ford Superduty cutaway buses. What type of bushings have you guys done with this tool ?