Cory Baer Technician at Elwoods Submarine Repair
Read all to understand my added stars. I have gotten involved with individuals that have bought from fs1 and it's a circus. Most of the time I usually decline customers that order from them. I have dealt with the phone personel, what jerks, no more . They have "300" people employed and are hiring @ $18.50/hr. Seems they spend all their $ on ads and Facebook comments and I'm sure a ton on USPS but none on Quality Control! I do programming and get a brick from time to time even from the dealer but never consistently. These guys are the masters at their craft- ripping off the public. Wonder why they don't list with Better Business, although they do have 1,425 complaints in the last 3 years at the BBB. Step right up and try your luck.

So since I left this review I have dealt with 4 PCMs from them lately and have been very surprised. All actually worked. had VINs were programmed with the latest version and the Fords (2) came in key learn mode, theft light on solid, All worked as though they had actually been tested, amazing . I thought their only tool was a sand blaster till now. If they keep this up I may start to use them. I haven't had to deal with customer service so no comment there.