Don Channel Owner/Technician at D&S Automotive
I bought this tool years ago when they first started. We were always told that we could update it by just buying the updates. Then it got to a point where they said that we could not buy the updates unless we updated the connector. So we bought the new connector. That worked for a while and then they decided that we needed to buy another connector to be able to update the software. They used the excuse of no chips being available so they could not sell us a connector. Funny thing is, the connectors are available if you want to buy the system all over again. Bill Vanorden in their customer support is very rude and abrupt if you question him about it. Then he decided it is corporate policy to not allow us to update. They do not live up to what they promise their customers. I don't want to be that guy but I fully intend to have the legal beagles look at the situation of them not living up to the promises that they made to all of us that bought from them in the beginning. I would NOT recommend them.
Jim Toddy Technician/Technical Information Specialist at Tire Choice
I was in that boat too, I had to change laptops and when that happened I lost all the enhancements as they used to be called. I figure since I bought them once I should be ok to just reload. Wrong, they needed to be repurchased. I refused to do that and went to the evil empire for scan tool. Still get boned every year but its a known commodity at this point.