Mark Mckeen Technician/Shop Foreman at Auto Service & Tire
I have had the bulls eye leak detector complete kit since it first was introduced. At the time I was using smoke for evap diagnosing and was getting about 50% comebacks. First car my friend Rick and I tested it on was a Olds Intrigue that had been beating me up for a long time trying to isolate the evap leaks. Within 15 minutes of getting the tool set up we were finding more leaks than I ever thought possible. Diagnosed and fixed in about 2 hours after hurting me for months. My return on the investment took about 6 months my shop does a large amount of evap repairs. I use a large CO tank which gives a steady pressure without the worry of running low on gas. The smart tester can be used to control the vent and purge vales and any other solenoid on the car and it is polarity sensitive so you don't have to worry about the connections. And cant forget the leak finder foam it sticks were you spray it and turns a nice yellow when the CO hits it. I can recommend this tool !!
Richard Kahl Owner/Technician at Richs Automotive
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