Review of Maximus Matco Tools

Bob Haines Owner/Technician at Bob's Garage
Maximus 1.0.

Also, the worst I have ever purchased. It roughly imitates the Verus in size and looks. I was excited at first because it was Windows 7 and Verus was still XP. I thought it was going to be fast and easier to use. No way. The updates came for a year and didn't fix much.

The SSD is of course, the minimum size, something like 16GB and fills quickly especially if you save some data captures. I called Launch and we had to reinstall the operating system as it crashed and would not even open.

Launch is poor quality and they may have some techs fooled, but not me. Even their stupid "Chinglish" messages have not been fixed for years. Like "Selection no available". Many time a PID or test is listed, only to be not available of bad PID values.

I paid $4000 and my MATCO guy laughs when I ask him what it is worth.