Review of ADS-625 Bosch

George Lesniak Educator/Instructor/Marketing Representative at ISN ToolWeb.com
Bosch has released a new series of scan tools for the US market, the 10" ADS-625 and the 7" ADS-325. Both tools are engineered and assembled in the USA.

The user interface is intuitive and well laid out. Overall the scan tool is very easy to use.

The Auto ID is very fast and has been accurate for me.

The data stream display allows you to view 16 PID in digital display or up to 8 PIDs graphed.

The graphing, record and playback capabilities worked very well. The ADS scan tools offer auto-ranging graphing.

The ADS-625 includes full color system wiring diagrams from Valley Forge.

Both tools come with a unique OBD-II cable with an LED light in the DLC end and a battery voltage display on the tool end.