Review of MaxiDAS DS708 Autel

Eddie Blattner Technician/Shop Foreman at B & E Auto Service
For comparison purposes, our shop has a MasterTech, Tech II, AutoEnginuity, Launch, Vag-Com, Genisys, and TechStream. I personally have a Snap-On MT2500 and MaxiDas 708.

Let me start by saying I really like the scanner. It does a lot of things other scanners we have don't do. The misfire graph on Ford is nice, along with the PATS access. I have been able to program new ignition switches on Honda and Ford. Comparing the GM software to the Tech II, it is very similar. The menus are almost the same, and most of the same options are available. Setting up a new body control module is missing a step (which makes the Tech II necessary) and the scanner isn't as fast, but most other things are ok. A lot of the menus are similar to their OE counterpart from what I have seen.

Now the parts I'm not crazy about. Slow scanner speed compared to OE (and Snap-On) scanners - you'll get 4-5 PID updates a second. Not being able to set a smaller PID list makes this more evident when scanning 20 PIDs at a time. The graphs are almost useless. Some have a fixed Y axis, other do not. This means you can be looking at 2 oxygen sensor graphs, both with a different scale - and both with changing scales that are not the same. The time frame (x axis) is not accurate. IIRC, it says it's 16 seconds, but it may be 4 -5 seconds. If they would make the graphs adjustable (set the x and y axis) it would things SO much better. As I listed above, it's missing a step when setting up GM body control modules. Also, Chrysler transmission quick learn is not available for all applications (which makes the AutoEnginuity necessary).

When I bought this scanner a few years ago, I was replacing my Snap-On brick (MT2500 - which I still have and use for older vehicles). I was either going to buy this one, or a Solus Pro. For the money spent and features available, I am glad I wen with the Autel.
(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "MaxiDAS DS708 by Autel US").