Review of Vantage Pro Snap-on

Matt Herold Consultant/Technician at Global Aviation Services
Wish I would have never sold mine. The perfect starter scope for a green technician. An all around great go to tool. To anyone that has a PC based scope, buy one of these just to have quick handheld capabilities. I see them in pawn shops everywhere and keep on the tool truck guys. Most driver's will only take one on trade if they have a quick flip.

I replaced mine with a Vantage Pro. The are a few things the each will do that the other won't. I.E. The vantage will graph resistance, the verus pro willnot, the vantage will connect to a PC to download files, the vantage pro will not.

I paid twice as much for a single channel pile of bluepoint years ago as my first scope.

Great tool. No it's not a Pico, will do about 85% of today's scoping needs