Matt Herold Consultant/Technical Information Specialist at ALLDATA Tech-Assist
For what you pay and what it is I'm comparing this truck code reader with my ELM/Torque Pro I use for automotive. Both are strictly for phones and tablets. Both have a very small dongle that I keep in my pocket for convenience. The CVD-9 software is extremely slow, and will give some false information. At first I almost returned it, then I gave it another chance and it's mediocre at best. It will take anywhere form 1-5 minutes to connect with the truck. From there it will pull VIN# and calibration number. It will scan for active codes, inactive codes it's hit or miss. It will data-stream some. I was actually a little shocked one day it would interface with a Wabco HPB system and graph my pump pressures. That was more than out Autel 908CV could do on this particular truck. For the 100 beans I put down on this thing I expected a lot more. 5+ years ago I would be happy if it just functioned, but in this day in age I less than 20 into my Torque Pro (one time 5 app fee, I,ve had it on 4 different phones and a tablet) and the Torque Pro is fully customization-able and rarely gives me incorrect data. A whole lot more than the 400 bean code reader i bought 10 years ago. I really wish I would have put the 100 bucks on this thing toward the CanDo android code/reader scanner.

Update 09/27/19 This app will no longer open since the last update on my android.