Average Rating
Zachary Dean Technician at Main Street Garage
Purchased this as my personal scan tool. I have the MS906 corded version. it has been working well for about a year now. The shop i work at has a Matco Maximus, Snap-On Verus, and a slightly older Launch X431. I would take the Autel over those any day! Other techs use my Autel much more often than I use the shop tools. This is by far the best scan tool for the Money!
Michael Minich Owner/Technician at Texas Auto Service Center
An excellent tool. Purchased to access a 2012 Benz. I still am amazed at the depth of access and bidirectional control. No tool I have used would I deem complete, but this is about as close as I have seen in any tool. Much of what is possible I still have to explore. A review of the Operators Manual will give a view to its power. I especially like the VIN read capability, and the WiFi that makes working away from the car such as working on docume Read more...