Average Rating
Kelly Garvey Technician/Technical Information Specialist at Complete Auto Systems
Ive played on and off with their products for over a year. Pricewise. they are primarily a competitor for Launch and the middle Autel lines. Id say they are an equal value to the tools they compete with for a general service shop. All 3 companies have scanners aimed and ranged at Service and Diag in the 300-1k range. So far they are NOT a threat to the higher line tools (2000-3000 range) as they lack reflash and some coding and Bidirectional even Read more...
James Wilson Owner/Educator/Instructor at Auto Dynamics Ltd.
I used the NT520 for BMW and found it work very well. It matched the coverage of my other tools and went beyond them in some cases.
Thomas Richardson Owner/Technician at Master Tech Automotive
-Back story- I've seen these scantools for sale on ECS tuning for some time under their in house brand name "Schwaben Multi-System Elite Scanner, by FoxWell", I have always been surprised by the value for money in the Schwaben tools, so I took the plunge and bought the NT520 from FoxWell directly. I purchased 2 car lines and the hardware for $209 shipped from China. It came preinstalled with VW and their brands (Audi, Bentley...). I had to regist Read more...