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Mike Antee Technician at Technician
bought this scanner over a year ago off ebay . its a rebaged otc encore. I can say that it is my go to scanner for quick diags and I have other brands as well as factory.. I use the record function on test drives, the screen capture is a plus for review the codes in front of my customers and the obd 2 is very good. the tech support is very helpful and they want input from the user..
Terry Schnack Owner at C.A.R.S.
Save your money and buy something else. Hard to beat a Snap-on or factory tool. I have had mine for a couple years. It's been sent back in at least three times for freezing up. There are a lot of functions not in this scanner that are in others. This is just a quick check type of scanner and is of no use for the difficult jobs. Just to note, I purchased mine from the Mac tool dealer. I have been using his loaner for over 8 months waiting for Read more...
Ryan Petrukovich Shop Foreman at Lakes and Rivers Contracting
Tool is ok, Does everything i would ever need and more. It is VERY slow though. Being my first "real" scan tool it got my foot in the door.

after purchasing it i told myself i will never buy another OTC scanner again. that being said. buy this from OTC and save yourself some money. I would only buy from the mac guy if you are uncomfortable buying items like this online.
Brian Haskell Jr Owner/Technician at Brians Auto
I love mine had a few hick ups when i first got it but love it now its my go to. fast friendly easy to use wifi direct connect to i dentifix mitchell and all data, get tool for fast diagnostics.