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Brian Hartfiel Technician at Auto Check
had the 14 volt for 6 years great gun decided to get the 18 volt from day 1 no power and the trigger would hesitate had it sent back for repairs and trigger still hesitates at times but seems to have more power would not buy another one
Ted Teets Owner/Technician at Ted's Towing & Auto Service Inc
I bought mine when the tool man made a sweet deal--after sending it back for repairs (motor loosing power twice trigger sticking and motor smokeing)after a month or so the gun just looses power ,now waiting on a new replacement.Great little gun out of the box but with use a pure let down wouldn't recommend it.
Louis Murante Owner at Louis Murante Auto Repair
Snap on has had issues with the motors on the 3/8" 18V gun-mine was terrible compared to the 14 volt. Ask your rep to hand you a new out of box unit, throw your battery on it and hit the throttle to max and listen. Then put battery on your unit, and listen if it doesn't sound slower and weaker. If it does, it needs the newer motor.
Luis Baez Service Advisor/Shop Foreman at Capistrano Tire & Brake
Worst mistake I made I had the 14v and both of my batteries where not holding charge. I trade it in for the new 18v 3/8 drive and is completely worthless expensive gun. Good power when new but it looses power right away within a month. I think Milwaukee or dewalt have better power and smaller batteries.
Ron Elledge Owner at MotorTec, Inc.
Complete pos. Sent mine in for repair 2 weeks after purchasing it because it lost over half of it's original torque. A few weeks after getting it back and it lost torque again. Next step is to get Snap-On to give me a refund. This thing is GARBAGE. STAY AWAY.

If I could give it zero stars here I would. Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "18Volt 3/8 Impact Driver by snapon").
John Lauder Technician/Technical Information Specialist at Fourstar Transmissions
Never owned a battery operated impact driver but when I changed jobs, all the other Tech's at my new job had them. The all had 14 volt Snap-on guns. I used them and felt they had good power and battery life. I went to buy one, Snap-on now offered an 18 volt model which is suppose to be stronger and have better battery life. DON'T BELIEVE IT! The other guy's in the shop laugh every time I try to loosen a tough bolt and the 18 volt can't do it Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "18Volt 3/8 Impact Driver by snapon").