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Dan Spears Owner at Precision Auto Clinic
The worst decision and purchase I ever made. I have two for sale brand new half price the equipment works fine it’s the programming providers that you are forced to accept their ridiculous terms after you invest $3000 just an example if your vehicle doesn’t have factory size tires on it and you have a programming that is not successful. They will re-charge you for additional programming after faults have been repaired, they will gladly charge you Read more...
Nicholas Graf Owner/Technician at Grafs Automotive
The pass thru assistant is not like pictured, that is a pass thru pro . For real techs not the one that hooks up and some other company does it for you
Oscar Cisneros Owner at Grease Monkey Mobile Mechanic
Passthru pro IV works great for me. I have been able to program without any real issues( aside from the initial set up and learning curve) Ford GM Toyota HONDA NISSAN

I also have dealer software for Mercedes Benz Xentry/DAS and VW/Audi/Porsche and allows me to use the this device as a legitimate scanner. Love the product!
Ron Cowen Owner/Technician at Rons' Garage
Waste of money, always on hold, cant program most cars, I have owned this machine for 3 years and have not been able to use it. Every car that we attempted to program was told it dosent support that veh. like 9 cars.
Richard Gehring II Technician/Shop Foreman at Hunts Auto
I recently Purchased this unit with the understanding that I would do a good share of used component programming, it took 2+ months to arrive and when I attempted my first program of a used ecm for a dodge caravan , one of the first screens on the unit indicates it does do any used component programming, called in for a program appointment and found they could not program this ecm and they only can program GM and FORD used components!! I understa Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "Pass Thru Pro 3 by Snap-on").
Kevin Manuel Owner/Technician at Syntech Motorsports
Been using it for about a year... used the PTP2 previously. Never had an issue with it. The snap on tool box that comes with it is great for shops just starting out with reprogramming. Lots of much needed information that can be extremely difficult to find the first time round!

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "Pass Thru Pro 3 by Snap-on").