Review of ProDemand Mitchell 1

Bryan Russell Owner/Technician at Duffy's Auto Service
I wish they never created Pro Demand. I find it hard to navigate, hard to look up simple quotes on. What was wrong with Mitchell On Demand 5? I still use On Demand but they recently removed the search feature. I think to force us into using ProDemand even if we don't want to use it. Pro demand is hard on my eyes. I do not like the format at all. I know that there are many positives to it, but why can't we have both???
Justin Hartman Consultant/Technician at Jackson's Auto Care
I agree completely. I don't pay for my use, the shop does, but I've NEVER been a fan. We also have AllData in our shop, and that is always my go to. I find the navigation and "intuitiveness" of AllData to be far superior, though I'm a little bit disappointed in the latest release of it. The only thing I have ever found ProDemand to be better for is their wiring diagrams, but even now AllData has started using the same interactive format along wit    Read More...