Mitchell 1

2012 – Present
2012 – Present

Product Reviews

Richard Morin Owner at Motorcar Alternatives, LLC
My experience with ProDemand is largely good. I do have trouble finding things from time to time. The wiring diagrams are awesome. Anytime the info is not yet in the system I simply call in and within an hour it is emailed to me.
Charlie Payne Owner at RepairTech Automotive and DITY
Much like all of your shops we use Mitchell1 alongside ALLDATA Repair and Diag, and DirectHit. None of them are perfect. I tend to use ProDemand when to quickly shag down codes or groups of them. Likewise, finding an oddball component with the component locator is quick sometimes. ProDemand also links in with the SnapOn scanner in manner for which I have no patience. The integration with the newest SnapOn scanner demo was impressive. Invoices Read more...
Tim Martin Manager/Service Advisor at Shertzer Lawn Care
I cannot agree with the comments of Mitchell1 being a bad company to deal with. I have been with them since 1996 and have had excellent service from them both with the product and with the customer service. I would wish that more companies would have the same customer service that Mitchell1 has. To me clear, when I call, I give my name, business name, location, account number, and then describe the problem I have. So far, in 26 years, I have call Read more...