Norm Spurgeon Owner at Norm's Auto Repair
I would have to mirror the comments stated by Danny from Canyon Automotive. We changed from NAPA TRACS and have had RO Writer for 12 years. We changed because TRACS was NAPA specific and RO Writer was supposed to handle any supplier. We've have had numerous crashes, updates, system upgrades, replaced all of our computers twice, replaced our network switches, had RO Writer support remote in many, many, many times, have spoken directly with the head person at ROW, had their "lead" fix it guy involved, suffered through many support calls, and the list goes on. I've given up calling support because it really sucks and each time I do I get billed for their time even though they can't fix the issues. Their "tier 1" support is about the same as googling for a result (I almost think google might be better) and by the time "tier 2" gets involved tier 1 has possibly caused more issues. If I get the "lead" people involved again I end up getting no where as in the end I'm told "We've never seen this before, it must be in your operating system..." BS!! I've read too many reviews that mirror image our concerns to be told that. The NAPA Pro-Link interface is marginal, I cannot get the NAPA monthly updates to load automatically and have to do it manually. I've spent upwards of $60,000 on this system, their recommended computer upgrades, computer replacements, network switch replacements, rewiring our network, malware programs, anti-virus programs, RO Writer "modules", etc. Jeez, I guess I'll quit here-this is just getting me riled up even further. I would just have to sum it up by saying if I could rewind 12 years I wouldn't have spent a cent on RO Writer as I would be better off with pencil & paper.