Review of ProDemand Mitchell 1

Dave Morris Owner/Manager at Morris Automotive
I have had Mitchell for most of my automotive career 30 years. It was good before snap on bought them and took over. No i can honesty say it is worthless!! It takes forever to find anything. I have contacted our rep and he made an appt to come out and show use how to use the system. He canceled the appt and i never heard from him again. It is faster to call them and give them the information your looking for and let them figure it out. Would not recommend pro demand to anyone.
John Kosaniak Owner/Technician at Kosaniak's Service Inc.
I'll tell you what, i used a lot of different info companies, go take some test drives like i have. You need to use it and things work very well. Granted you don't find everything but if you call them, they are happy to help you and its done fast.
Peter Concannon Technician at Rosemont Foreign & Domestic
I agree 100%, mod was great, but this so called pro demand is a big let down.NOW THE STUPID SITE WANTS ME TO POST 100 CHARACTERS OF INSULTS.
Edward Gordon Consultant at Mitchell 1
Sorry to see your frustrated but here are some links that could help:

Get2Know more about ProDemand® with product documents, video demonstrations and live training, or request assistance from our professional support teams. https://mitchell1.com/support/prodemand/     Read More...