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Verus Edge Snap-on
Snap On Scan tools have always had the best speed in data capture and scan code reading. The Verus is not a speed demon when it comes to boot times and connecting to vehicle. But once your booted and connected its fast and with its easy user friendly interface using it is such breeze. Once its on I never turn it off I Just keep it on in its docking bay and It's ready to use every time, no down time waiting for it to boot. Sure it's not perfect wh Read more...
This Bosch MasterTech VCI unit has been the Best Investment I've made. I have had this unit for about a decade now, Since I 1st bought it at the beginning support with OEM's was a little poor, but as years passed it just got better. I also still have a outdated MasterTech MTS5200 Scan tool so with the included software that I've already had been familiar with its been awesome scan tool for older vehicles and a new OE J-Flash tool. And now with G Read more...