Review of Verus Edge Snap-on

Eduardo Santana Technician/Shop Foreman at Martens Chevrolet
Snap On Scan tools have always had the best speed in data capture and scan code reading. The Verus is not a speed demon when it comes to boot times and connecting to vehicle. But once your booted and connected its fast and with its easy user friendly interface using it is such breeze. Once its on I never turn it off I Just keep it on in its docking bay and It's ready to use every time, no down time waiting for it to boot. Sure it's not perfect when it comes to special functions and relearns by lacking them. but when they add them in each update it get better and the special functions actually do work. unlike some of those Chinese made Scanner that offer all the Special functions but actually only half the them do really work. I really love it's graphing capabilities and auto-recording features great tool for diagnosing drivability concerns, Just hook it road test and review later. Can't do that with the other's? Iv'e had the 1st generation Verus to the next wireless and to the Pro and finally to the Edge. but I think I'm stopping There. The New Zeus has no real upgrade advantage over the Edge on the hardware side other than just the software and the smaller VCI dongle that can easily be lost. I Rather have that big bulky visible VCI so I know where it is and never loose it....
Eduardo Santana Technician/Shop Foreman at Martens Chevrolet
I'm Just Responding to a recent comment that feels more like an personal attack. Obviously this is a Product review forum and Everyone has the right to post their personal opinions of said products in review. If certain people get offended with my opinions I am truly sorry and They have the right to make their own personal opinions of the product in review. But please no need to attack or aggravate the persons making the Reviews Thank you.
Ralf Valcourt Owner/Technician at Ralf's Automotive Service
You obviously have NO experience with scan tools. Sad that you make these claims and are a Foreman??? The Virus is a overpriced weight. I have the Edge, IDS, Toyota, Autel, Mongoose, Launchpad ect. and the snap-on is on the bottom of that list. The Scope is OK at best. Scope Info is Great to have for reference. PICO is the Daily Driver here!