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Owner/Technician at Cascade Automotive Repair and Services, Inc. in Estacada, Oregon

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EEPV508 Snap-on
The kit has a few good points, including a long and thin hose with slim quick-connect fittings on both ends, a good assortment of fittings, and numbers on the fittings which correspond to a reference chart. However, the gauges are just of average quality and accuracy, the hose has male fittings on both ends which means that it cannot be looped to keep it from leaking in storage, and the fitting tray doesn't contain all of the pieces when the box Read more...
Generally acceptable to great fit, but not reliable enough to depend on in unfamiliar applications. Quality is fair, but they definitely do not have the life span of most OE hoses. They are generally acceptable for older vehicle with fairly short life expectancy.
These pulleys are very hit and miss on quality, primarily based on bearing quality. The actual pulleys are of good quality regardless of whether a good quality or low quality bearing is installed. They do usually fit acceptably well, so that helps.
PowerProbe 3 Power Probe TeK
Excellent features and usability. High quality. An essential tool for those who perform electrical testing and repairs.

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "PowerProbe III by Power Probe").
Ford IDS Software Motorcraft
The closest thing to a perfect scan tool yet. Amazing capability and data refresh rate. Seamless and easy reprogramming. It does have some quirky PID names and advanced functions.
Full of surprises, both what it can do and what it cannot do. Lots of errors and incomplete tests. But, quite capable for the price. The hardware is of very low quality.