Review of ProDemand Mitchell 1

Michael Guerrero Technician at Airport Auto Center
Whats up with prodemand? Hasn't worked since friday. Does anyone have any info on the subject? I have been trying since friday to no avail it doen't even load all it does is say no internet connection which i know is a lie cause i am now and have been able to access other web pages, just not this one.
Richard Morin Owner at Motorcar Alternatives, LLC
Snap On servers were hacked, so the company took all the servers down to prevent security breaches. They have back ups, but couldn't risk leaving them on.
Michael Miller Technician at Arlington Car Care
It would be nice if they at least told you something Or even took operation off your bill. It's bad to go to a another company and do a 3 day deal for $70.
Robert Kelsey Owner/Technician at Robert Kelsey, Mobile Auto Service
Monday morning 8:15 AM - server still down. Guess their "tech people" never heard of backup servers. Started using Mitchell nearly 50 years ago. They have been going downhill for decades.
John James Owner/Technician at James Automotive
I agree- same scenario, hasn't worked as of Friday, even tried to call customer service only get a emergency problem/ call back message. I've been using Mitchell for about 25-30 years and have been generally pleased , especially with the wiring diagrams. Any info?
Randy Coffin Technician at BC Hydro
i have had the same issue, it's now Sunday afternoon and it's still not working. also shopkey pro is not working , any word on this issue yet?