Martin Smith Educator/Instructor at British Columbia Institute of Technology
Either available as an add-on kit for those who already own a 4 channel PicoScope, or as the required tool kit for Noise Vibration and Harshness diagnosis at General Motors dealerships in North America, PicoScope with NVH takes vibration analysis to a new level, lower than ever before. It is capable of recording and displaying micro g force vibrations, that previous equipment offerings could not detect or display.

In the case of GM vehicles, the preferred vehicle interface is either the MDI 1 or MDI 2, while a low cost option for connection at the vehicle DLC when working on other brands, is the widely available ELM 327 interface, as listed in the set up menu options.

With multiple axis sensors now available for enhanced identification and analysis of dominant resonant frequencies and multiple opportunities to view the display results in various formats, this kit should be considered essential by technicians who deal with NVH diagnostics in their work. In addition to vibration analysis, technicians can choose from two methods of drive line propeller shaft balancing.