Art Telson Technician/Owner at Artys Auto Service
Purchased 2 parts from this company a Engine control module and a Totally integrated Power distribution module (TIPM). we first received a TIPM that was obviously from a junkyard and 4 pins were corroded off and was obvious it wasn't going to work and had to send it back 2 times before receiving a good unit. The Engine control Module (ECM) however looked good but it was creating a problem we didn't have before. I sent it back to them and they sent me another ECM which also didn't work. I called them and they said they were sure the ECM was good they and I should send it back for them to test it. I did and they assured me it was a good unit. So we sent it to the Dodge dealer to see if they can verify the problem. After 2 weeks of testing and trying other components they still said the ECM was still bad. So I purchased another ECM from another company and guess what all the problems are gone. I called them today to send the ECM back to get refunded as this is an obviously a bad part, and they will not refund my money and will only offer store credit. I will NEVER buy another product from this pathetic excuse for a business. I just want my money back as I never received a usable part from them!!!!!