Jeffrey Buckley Reviews

Owner/Technician at My Fathers Shop in Midlothian, Texas

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These are the right size for counter display . Great for showing Be System Smart. Allows the customer see the different components the Belt turns . Shows how the Tensioner affects the system. Educates the consumer on the different accessories involved on their engine .
This reel assembly is half the weight of most Shop reels . This makes hanging and bolting down an easy one person job . It has A lighter hose which is hybrid polymer. Memory free means no kinks . A very quiet reel that retracts at a controlled speed. It has a moving guide that winds it evenly. I have been using this for a week and can't wait to replace a few more .
This is a great tool to finish the proper repair of a cooling system. This pulses to break loose contamination in the cooling system. Easy to use - great for flushing out the heater core with included adapters. Use a bucket or large pan to capture waste fluid.