Review of ProDemand Mitchell 1

Brian Nigoff Owner/Service Advisor at Brian's Bluegrass Automotive
Wish I would have listened to my gut and/or read all the negative complaints before I even talked to these guys.

I was cold called by a salesman from Mitchell1 to tell me about Prodemand, their automotive information website. The salesman told me clearly that there was no obligation to buy, and I had 90 days to try the service to decide if I liked it. The salesman's pitch included a statement that their product is superior to the other services that I am using.

I found out that their product was inferior to the other services I am currently using. I emailed them to cancel my service, to which they did not respond. After a few days, I called them to cancel, and the CSR I spoke with said that would have to be handled by the sales person. When I spoke with the salesperson, he said that he would have to submit my cancellation request to a committee for review.

He also told me that I was under a non-cancelable "contract" for two years. The sales person that sold me the trial never mentioned any "contract" especially a non-cancelable contract. I explained that the salesperson I spoke with misrepresented their service, and that it was they who were not fulfilling any contract.

He said the committee would decide in 5-7 business days, and that he would let me know. He did not let me know anything in that timeframe, so I called him back. He said that he forgot to submit it to the committee, but that he would do it this time, and let me know in 5-7 business days. Later, he called and said the committee reviewed their records, and they would not let me out of the contract because I was past the 30 day trial period.

So the company misrepresented their service to make a sale, did not disclose the terms of the trial, did not perform as promised, forgot about my cancellation request, then decided to hold me to a contract that I never knowingly entered into.
Gary Fuchikami Technician at Firestone Tire & Service Co.
Seems to me that if none of you signed a contract document, they have nothing to stand on. I would take them to court if you have documented all your contacts, etc. which can be verified by phone records, etc. Of course, make certain that if they lose, they pay ALL costs involved (including phone log info, etc., etc.) We had Mitchell On Demand for years and I liked it as it was easy to use, easy to find info, compared to Alldata. Of course, On D    Read More...
Jeff Beckwith Owner/Technician at Beckwith's Auto
Crap. I wish I had seen this sooner. In the same boat now. Used the product for a month of my 60 day free trial and told them thanks but no thanks. But the monthly charges continue.
Charles Roberts Manager/Technician at J and D Auto Sales
I made the same deal and found out the same way that you did. Mitchell is a big rip off company.. Their data is TERRIBLE and hard to find
Dean Crittenden Owner at Crittenden's Garage
It is frustrating to get a product or service that doesn't live up to its claims but you seem to be stuck with, my experience is with a management training program that got me signed on to the tune of$55k. but as far as ProDemand and other info services goes I think a lot has to do with the format you're used to dealing with. I've used ProDemand for years and then tried AllData which is a good product but I was unfamiliar with their format and ju    Read More...
Paul Bellitto Manager at Suburban Car & Truck Repair, Inc.
I heartily agree w/ these comments. Dont like the way it's organized. Poorly done.........................................
Upkar Bath Owner/Manager at Fastrac Auto Service
Yeah exact same thing happen to me,they jus keep sending the bills to me,I dint even use their service,I was told that they will be calling before the free trail expire and then I can make decision to keep the service or not,but no one ever called and they charged me on my cc without my permission .
James Corbett Technician at Corbett Automotive
I had 30 days to decide if I liked mine, I did not. Sent in written notice of cancellation. They never received it. Shocking. I got calls from bill collectors for about six months. They finally gave up.
Dave Sharp Manager/Technician at Wheels and Deals
Quote: he said that he would have to submit my cancellation request to a committee for review.

DId they submit it to a commitee to sign you up? What a load. Get a lawyer and document everything and get damages for time lost pursuing this ridiculous lie.
Lee Lizarraga Owner/Manager at ABC Auto Care
I"m going through the same situation. Maybe we should consider talking to each other. I talked to a supervisor and told me they would review everything and get back to me. Has not done it yet. It seems like this may be their standard operation way.
David Shearer Owner at Soundwerk Car Audio
Credit card used to pay? Dispute charge, being sure to document as much as possible with card company. The better your documentation, the more credible you'll be. Good luck!
John Chaplin Owner/Manager at Metric Motorworks, Inc.
Never ever ever ever buy anything from a cold caller. End of story. And if everyone would heed this guess what? Soon there would be no cold calls. How good could life be without telemarketers?
Steve Claudy Manager/Owner at European Sport Garage Inc.
Same tactics that Waste Management uses, contract auto renews without notice and you cannot cancel until the renewal date. Reminds me of the Eagles song....Hotel California....you can check in but you can never leave!!
Garvin Wray Owner/Service Advisor at Wrays Auto Service, Inc.
I had a similar experience, same method of operation, and my Snap-On Tech guy gave me a phone # to call when I voiced my extreme disgust, and that kind sounding lady agreed to let me off of the hook after I had also heard about the " committee " who refused to allow me out of the " contract". I suspect ( and hope) this is the work of some sub-contractor using mafia style methods to increase subscriptions.
Gary Fetting Technician/Manager at Mid-Thumb Automotive
Agree, I'd cancel whatever payment method they set you up on. Make a note of the dates/times and how the salesperson misrepresented them. I was stuck with Prodemand for a one year contract (I signed up), and tried to cancel after I found I did not like the service. I got the impression if I had died they would reach beyond the grave to collect. Switched back to Identifix, which has it's own issues, but was a much better fit for me. And it's month    Read More...
Timothy Lantry Owner/Technician at Follow The Son Automotive Inc.
I would certainly cancel payment on that service. It is amazing how quickly you will get there attention when no money shows up..... Also, if you never signed or agreed to a contract I don't think they can legally hold you liable. I have Mitchell ProDemand at my employer now, but I had AllData in my shop. I definitely like AllData much better. They are both OEM service manuals, but I think AllData organizes it much better. ProDemand is confusing     Read More...