Review of MaxiSys Pro Autel

Steve Brotherton Consultant/Technical Information Specialist at Continental Imports
I give the Maxisys three stars, but that is a hard choice. A tool like this has so many categories to review. On its overall coverage it has to get a five. I don't know of any tool that offers access to more cars. But, herein lies the beginning of its worst quality. It gives the user a level of confidence that is definitely undeserving.

Our shop of twelve techs uses OE diagnostic computers for all the cars we work on. The twelve techs are divided into five teams and each team has their own factory tool for the one or two car lines they work on. This means that for a few car lines we have more than one OE tool. We only have one Maxisys though and it has to be shared. It is likely that we should have one Max per team like we do the first line tool as the tool sits hooked to the charger behind my chair in my office/library. Two or three times a day someone asks me who has the Max. It is used constantly. Because of its desirability I should also give it a five star.

But because of its ability to instill a level of confidence that is unjustified by its overall capability it ought to get a one star. As a result I give it a three star. I recommend it to every fully equipped shop. For those looking to add to their capabilities, I believe it is not an acceptable choice. Choosing it, as stated above, generates a level of confidence that is definitely required by a competent diagnostic technician. The level of confidence created is way beyond the actual capability created and as such leaves the good tech backed into a corner way too many times.

The tool should be used as a back up, as a quick grab code retriever and code eraser. It is the excellent service reminder reset tool. It is a portable road test buddy and fair graphing observation of actual in use results.
(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "MaxiSYS Pro MS908P by Autel").