Review of ProDemand Mitchell 1

Robert Ortolani Owner at B&H Automotive Inc.
As the saying goes, bad news travels the world around before good news even leaves town, or something like that. I'll admit that when Mitchell had both OnDemand and ProDemand running concurrently, I was still using OnDemand more. Then when they pulled the plug on OnDemand, I found myself struggling with ProDemand. Seems like Mitchell "tuned-up" ProDemand, added features, etc, and I like it better than ever. However, the best part of the whole Mitchell experience for me has been #3 Content Support! In the past couple of years, our business has taken on a lot of local collision shop repair work, mostly alignments, high-tech diagnostics and repair, and now ADAS. Because of this, we're continually in need of current model year information, and I've found the folks in Content Support knowledgeable, personable, patient when teaching me how to find certain information, and very expeditious when they have to send it out to research. Research is very quick and they communicate very well. In this day and age when we need information at our fingertips, Mitchell delivers! Keep up the good work, folks!
Robert Ortolani Owner at B&H Automotive Inc.
Bryan, for me being forced to use Pro Demand actually was a blessing in disguise. I was just too lazy to actually spend time on it since I was familiar with On Demand. For me, it's all good now.
Bryan Russell Owner/Technician at Duffy's Auto Service
You just have to call them and they will turn OnDemand back on. The only thing that they have done to Ondemand recently to try and force me to use ProDemand is that they took away the search feature. I'm thinking about calling them and yelling at them again just like I did when they did what they did to you and took away ondemand. I bet they have a way to turn the search back on. I think they are trying to control us by making us think they     Read More...