Review of ProDemand Mitchell 1

Larry Pruitt Owner at Precision Tune Auto Care
I would totally agree with everything Brian said in his review. The same thing happened to me as well. I was told that I have a month to decide whether my shop wanted to keep ProDemand or call and let them know we wanted to cancel. When I called to cancel I went through the same go around as Brian experience. They kept saying that I had signed a contract and that I could not get out of it...that it would continue for 2 years. My techs did not like ProDemand like they did Alldata and Identifix. Because of the cost of ProDemand I couldn't afford to keep the other two and had to cancel them and just pay for ProDemand. I called my district supervisor and he did nothing to help. In fact I had taken ProDemand off our computers and didn't use it after I had called to cancel. Then after the two months of "free" was up I was charged and billed. I thought everything was taken care of and got rid of my notes. That's when I called their company again and they had no records of my writing or calling to cancel...jus like Brian. I saw a SCAM happening to me. My strong advice to anyone reading this...don't fall for anything said to you over the phone representing Mitchell 1 ProDemand. It was a lie that you can try it and if you don't like, you can cancel it and not be out any money. I'm usually not taken in by things like this, but I certainly was this time. My Master Tech has had many problems trying to use the program to specifically trace wires and programs in a 1989 Corvette and he got so frustrated that he called and talked to Identifix for help. I had cancelled Identifix so we didn't have it to help him. Mitchell 1 is a ripoff. It doesn't even get one star but I guess I have to give it one star in order to get this posted. LP