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Owner at Kent Auto Repair in Kent, Washington

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Same thing, it was defective. I had to send it back. 2 or 3 weeks past I had to buy a different one from a different supplier so I could give the customer their vehicle. I never got a refund. This was in the fall of 2018, I ran across these 6 other reviews.
I have had this machine for a year now and it is a timesaver. After a couple of quick checks like system has pressure and compressor pumps the next thing I want is a known good charge. It is fully automatic, Once programmed it recovers, vacuums, leak tests and charges. Leak test ? Dye? yes or no. Oil 1 or oil 2? how much? I can walk away and come back in 30 minutes or 3 hours. If it’s charged it passed the leak test. Start the vehicle check opera Read more...
It’s Heavy, it’s pricey at nearly $500 with the big battery and charger. This tool is for when you need power, it has it. 1400 foot pounds and it seems like more compared to a 1200 foot pound air impact. It has 3 different power levels, The first time I used it with a torque stick on high. It would have quickly twisted the wheel stud right off with the torque stick in use. High is for removal only and it’s coming off now. Cordless or hose-less is Read more...