Vise grips

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Product Reviews

Jim Haines Technician at Auto Tech Of Tysons
Not to be mean but all these companies have sold us out and ship production to china and else were and the quality is zero from as you show Vise Grips to shoes and so on. Prices the same as US made just way more profit from slave labor to the big wigs.
Chris Ours Technician at Jeffs Automotive
nothing like the old ones that said petersen mnfg. de wit nebraska on the side. Snap-on makes the real thing now. the only thing these junk erwins are for is a hammer to keep in the tractor tool box.
Bryan Brickson Owner at Kent Auto Repair
They don’t make them like the used to. I have used this brand of vise grips for over 50 years. They have always been very durable and lasted through 20 years of abuse before I lost them. This new pair broke while I was clamping 2 pieces of steel together with one hand. How could the pieces have fallen to the floor? The jaw broke and I wasn’t even misusing them.

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