Bryan Brickson Owner at Kent Auto Repair
I have had this machine for a year now and it is a timesaver. After a couple of quick checks like system has pressure and compressor pumps the next thing I want is a known good charge. It is fully automatic, Once programmed it recovers, vacuums, leak tests and charges. Leak test ? Dye? yes or no. Oil 1 or oil 2? how much? I can walk away and come back in 30 minutes or 3 hours. If it’s charged it passed the leak test. Start the vehicle check operation and I can view or print everything from how much oil it recovered to the current pressures and ambient temperature. No handling dye is nice. It recovers everything if you put 1 pound in, it will recover almost exactly 1 pound. Paying extra for the database isn’t worth it. It doesn’t program the machine from that information, it only is another way to look up charge capacities.