Review of MaxiBAS BT608 Autel

Bryan Brickson Owner at Kent Auto Repair
MaxiBAS BT608 | Autel

I bought this a few months ago because my battery/ alternator tester had an occasional glitch that it would shut off before completing the test. The techs don’t use it much but experience with it is very good. It has many capabilities and features that you wouldn’t expect and I will probably not list everything.

It starts the test by scanning the license plate and or VIN and identifies the vehicle. It shows you the battery location and the sizes and types of batteries that may be used in that vehicle.

It is a battery, alternator, starter tester. A wireless scanner that just scanned all 38 modules of an 07 ML350, the fault codes have good definitions, it will email or print the reports to its own built in printer or a network printer. It also shows the data of all modules, registers the battery and walks you through all the resets of the drivers window, sunroof, steering and memory functions.

It is a multimeter ( accessories and amp clamp optional) that has a leakage test for fuses and it does a very easy relative compression test. It has a 8MP camera, you can easily remote into it with teamviewer, it has the Chrome browser, email.

It does not have bidirectional control, resets or relearns.

It is a lot of diagnostic capability in a small package and would be a first choice for a vehicle owner, DIYer or as a backup for a down scanner.

Screenshots of a 07 ML350 that came in with a dead battery after recharging, before registering.