Steven McAtee Owner/Technician at Madison Auto Service
TERRIBLE!!! Do not buy from them! We paid for a computer on Dec 1, 2017. On Dec 13, we contacted them to ask where it was at. We received an email back stating that there was a delay and it would be 1 -2 more days before it even shipped! Finally we got it on 12/17. Installed it in our customer car on 12/18 and it DIDN'T WORK!!!! Contacted them, had to return it to get a new one. Fast forward to JANUARY 4th 2018, still didn't have the REPLACEMENT FOR THEIR DEFECTIVE ONE. Contacted them again, got a tracking number. Few days later, installed it a 2nd time, still had issues. This time the vehicle would at least run, but the wipers would never shut off. Contacted them about this issue and they NEVER BOTHERED TO CALL US BACK. Finally we got fed up, should have happened some time ago. Bought a new one from the dealership. Now they are saying that we are past the 30 day warranty and we have to pay a 20% restocking fee to return the item. THEY CAN'T RESTOCK IT, IT IS DEFECTIVE!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!
(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "Reman ECU by Flagship One Inc.").
Philip Venneman Owner/Technician at Phil's Truck and Auto Repair
I had a Honda civic last summer and it was over 7 weeks to get the second ecm that didn't work. End up taking it to honda dealer who installed used ecm and programed it in 2 days. Waste of time dealing with them. Never got my 400.00 back
Stephen Malfatti Owner at Finish Line Performance
Thanks for the heads up. I almost used them for a tranny module on a mazda. Decided to sell the 700$ dealer item for a piece of mind.