Denny Mandeville Owner at Canyon Automotive
We have had this shop management program for over four years. It is just like that kid in high school- it has a lot of potential, but it is just not stable. This last year, especially, has been a nightmare. As we have gotten comfortable and tried to use its capabilities we have found flaws support never heard of. In daily, normal use, it just randomly freezes or crashes- lots and lots and lots of crashes- have to reboot. They have two tiers of support and, oh just forget it. Tier One wastes our time before they realize they can't handle it at that level and sends the problem to Tier Two. Support is not prompt. Every one seemed to think the previous support person didn't know what they were doing and just screwed up the last "fix". And then the latest "fix" would crash. We bought TWO new computers at their suggestion as a fix to the instability. Horse laugh inserted here. They have been in our system remotely (which, of course, dumps us and prevents us from using it) so many times. Their AHA's! coming to naught. We know other users and their stories are similar- they just live with the problems. The Customer Retention Material is a joke, the inventory never works properly, and on it goes. The first, basic, program, was relatively stable (but has its flaws), but when the updates/sequels to Gen 2 were performed (at RO Writer's suggestion) the problems became extreme. Anyway, long story short- this program has too many bells and whistles, lots of "great reports" that support can't tell you what they are useful for, or their purpose in managing your shop. We are currently looking for another shop management program- probably leaning towards returning to TRACS- for whatever flaws TRACS has, it does not crash- especially not several times daily. Quite honestly, I do not recommend RO Writer. So much potential to be a great shop management program, but its aw shits out weigh the atta boys. The man hours trying to make this shop management program productive lost forever.