William Pupo Owner/Technician at Eddie's Auto Repair Inc
Simple to use, sensors are cheap and simple to install.

In the last few weeks I have sold more TPMS work then I ever thought I would. Programing sensors is fast and training them to the car is also quick.

Removing old sensor only requires breaking the bead on one side and remove old sensor. Install new sensor and rebalance tire. I did 5 sensors for one car in about 35-40 mins. Programing takes about 5 mins.

Great investment! Nothing beats happy customers.
Patrick Stewart Owner/Technician at Gonzo's Garage
Only thing I would add to that is if I break the bead to replace a sensor and the rim is corroded and/or has a lot of build up on it I demount the tire and clean up rim & tire bead. I warn customers ahead of time that there may be additional labor for that, especially on older cars. Rim leaks = not happy customers.
Michael Gagnon Owner at Gagnons Tire and Auto Center
Another winning tool by Autel! We have been using it for some time now and it works great! You can opt to clone your new sensors instead of reprogramming if you want. We have the TS 608. It is a pretty darn good diagnostic tool that can do some battery registration as well.
William Pupo Owner/Technician at Eddie's Auto Repair Inc
oh...but it will only program Autel Sensors. Which are actually very fairly priced. They are sold in 20 packs so bulk pricing saves.