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Nathan Banke Educator/Instructor/Marketing Representative at ConsuLab
Excellent scan tool for an educational environment. Quick processor, easy menus and interface, touch screen that works, and NO BATTERY (this is a huge plus in schools). Updates at $800 are pricey yes, but most schools can get away with updating every second or third year to reduce costs with no penalty from the manufacturer. The bi-directional controls work well, graphing of data PIDs is quick and easy, and it works on a surprising number of mode Read more...
Marlin Good Owner/Technician at Cascade Automotive Repair and Services, Inc.
Full of surprises, both what it can do and what it cannot do. Lots of errors and incomplete tests. But, quite capable for the price. The hardware is of very low quality.
Michael Byer Owner/Technician at Mike Byer Auto & Truck Repair, Inc
I've had a DS 908 for a couple of years, it's good for a quick graphing of data but overall you can't really depend on it for the bi-directional or utilities. It will frequently run tests without giving results and the bi-directional is hit and miss. On some vehicles it won't read all the modules. I don't rely on the data if there's a costly decision to be made I use a more competent tool. Michael Byer
Jesse East Technician at Pepsi Transportation
I just wish it was cheaper than $800 per year to update yearly though that is less than others. I do not own this unit only read the reviews on the buy it link.
Eddie Blattner Technician/Shop Foreman at B & E Auto Service
For comparison purposes, our shop has a MasterTech, Tech II, AutoEnginuity, Launch, Vag-Com, Genisys, and TechStream. I personally have a Snap-On MT2500 and MaxiDas 708.

Let me start by saying I really like the scanner. It does a lot of things other scanners we have don't do. The misfire graph on Ford is nice, along with the PATS access. I have been able to program new ignition switches on Honda and Ford. Comparing the GM software to th Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "MaxiDAS DS708 by Autel US").