Average Rating
Robert Divers Owner/Technician at Techne Mechanical
Good tool no support send mine back to be repaired . They lost it ,and now wont even return MY E-MAILES . so OFF TO FILE COMPANT WITH bbb Google and any where else i can think of
David Hemingway Owner/Technician at 19th Street Auto Inc
This tool works great for my shop as we see a lot of European vehicles, which is what it works best on. We do a lot of programming/coding with this tool which is why it was purchased, that was the selling point for us. Updates are a little pricey but compared to other scanners it is competitive. I gave it 4 stars mainly because of the lack of customer service, other than that it is our go to scanner.
Steve Brotherton Consultant/Technical Information Specialist at Continental Imports
I give the Maxisys three stars, but that is a hard choice. A tool like this has so many categories to review. On its overall coverage it has to get a five. I don't know of any tool that offers access to more cars. But, herein lies the beginning of its worst quality. It gives the user a level of confidence that is definitely undeserving.

Our shop of twelve techs uses OE diagnostic computers for all the cars we work on. The twelve techs Read more...

(iATN Note: At the time of review, this product was titled "MaxiSYS Pro MS908P by Autel").