Average Rating
Martin Smith Educator/Instructor at British Columbia Institute of Technology
The LineSpi Smart BOB is particularly valuable tool for instructors who facilitate network systems training activities, where bus measurements are frequently performed directly at the vehicle Data Link Connector. The LineSpi can be positioned conveniently, so that the instructor and students can all observe the tests and discuss the results together. It is also handy when utilizing various training mock-up boards where multiple test tools may be Read more...
Harvey Chan Technician/Shop Foreman at Canadian Tire
The LineSpi Smart BOB is a very valuable tool when dealing with network or communication issues. It allows you to be more efficient. The LED's on the power lines gives you a quick visual on whether power and ground is at the DLC or not.

One instance was that it was missing ground on of the 2 ground lines and the scanner wouldn't communicate. Rather than stopping and trying to fix the circuit, I simply used a jumper wire and jumped pins #4 to Read more...
Matthew Shanahan Educator/Instructor/Technician at College of DuPage
This tool saves the DLC and saves your time. I have used this tool for many years and it is very durable and easy to use. There are other DLC BOBs out there, but this one doesn't require adapters for shrouded connectors, lays out the terminals for you, and has the LED lights to help.
John Merrifield Shop Foreman/Technician at Rick's Automotive
The LineSPI has been a great tool for me, very durable and solid construction. I have used it for many years and it is a time saver for many applications. It is a dlc breakout box and allows scanner hookup. I use it when there is a "worn out" dlc on a vehicle, the linespi fits snuggly and allows me to continue diagnostics without worry of bumping the cable or repairing a dlc prior to diag. It also works great for the occasional vehicle with no vo Read more...