Average Rating
Jeremy Carlson Technician/Shop Foreman at Jeremy Carlson
This is one of the most comprehensive kits out there for the price. I have owned it a couple of years now and it just plain works great. I have other smaller kits that no longer get used anymore and they cost the same or more as this kit. The ease of how the leads are stored work very well. Top rate tool in my book.
Matthew Shanahan Educator/Instructor/Technician at College of DuPage
This kit makes testing super easy, and doesn't damage the vehicle in the process. As an added bonus this kit makes it easy to test air bag systems by adding a resistor in the place of the air bag module.
Bob Heipp Technician at Bob Heipp
After using this kit only a few times, I would rate it right up there with the linespi. If you don't have these tools, order them now. With a wide assortment of pins, leads and gators along with resistors testing is much easier.