Average Rating
Daryl Fraser Manager at Colby & Gale Svc Station Inc
Recieved our RAP kit from Drew Tech today. We are excited about implementing this tool in the near future and will post a further review when we have used it. Great customer service experience so far.
Darren O'Gorman Technician at Auto Analyzers
They are working out a few bugs, but it is only going to get better. The idea is solid and I am looking forward to doing Chryslers soon. Great company, good people.
Jim O'Neill Owner/Technician at Chino Autotech
I've really just received my new RAP unit from Drew Technologies. I'm giving it 5 stars for the concept and implementation of what can be a real time saver for our shop. Our techs, skilled as they are, often avoid the flash programming of ECMs because of the necessity to stand-by like an E.R. doctor over a delicate patient. The warnings that accompany the instructions make some techs very nervous. Some manufacturers do not communicate their metho Read more...