Average Rating
Brad Slagle Owner/Technician at Brad Slagle
Have had this set for many years now and can honestly say its been one of the best tools in my arsenal. Have used it to repair old brake lines and making a completely new set.
Timothy McCabe Owner at McCabe Auto & Truck Service
I have owned this master tool kit since Gm adopted it. In my opinion it is the next best thing to peanut butter and jelly. I am over impressed with it never had any issues. it preforms great every time I open the case. i certainly would buy any update to it in very short order and without question.
Chris Offner Technician at Smokeys Garage
I have the MATCO version of the same set. worth EVERY penny. I wouldn't do brake lines without it. One of the best tools I ever bought
Scott Pearson Owner/Engineer at The Auto Shop
I've had this kit since they came on the market. It's been subjected to untold abuse repairing rusty brake lines and still cleans up to make custom lines for a street rod. The verity of lines is great, I have the master kit which is great to make carry out lines and adapters plus GM trans line and the 37* AN adapters. Now if they'd just hurry up and get the 1/2" push to connect adapters done so we can make Duramax lines.
Robert Bowser Owner/Technician at Accu-Tech Automotive
With the amount of rusty cars coming into my state this was a must purchase five years ago. I've used it on numerous brake line rebuilds and fuel lines as well. Works flawlessly with little effort and in some very confined areas.
Scott Hendrickson Technician at Motorcars Ltd
I bought this kit 10yrs ago when it first hit the market. Awesome!! does its job better than any other design I have ever used.

Recently bought the similar kit from Mastercool for crimping A/C hose connectors... Just as good, easy and quick to use.
Frank Karst Owner/Technician at West Lake Auto Center
Had mine for better than five years and works very well.Comes out several times a week with the amount of brake lines we are doing now. Fuel and trans lines also,it's never let me down.
Steven D Chatburn Technician at Est Auto
Worth every dollar. It makes brake line service an absolute breeze. The flares are perfect. Easy to use.
Shawn Knetzer Technician at Jd Byrider
I bought this kit from Marco and it is worth every single penny. Every flare is a perfect flare. Did have a pro lem with the 3/8 push connector flare insert getting stuck. That's the worst then I'll take it. Can be done under car or in car, with a 3rd hand. This guy is an absolute weapon in my arsenal
Robert Kos Technician at Lincoln Garage
The Mastercool hydraulic tubing flare kit is a must have tool for shops doing brake / fuel / transmission line service. That's every shop in every state that throws salt in the winter.

The kit produces great flares every time as long as the instructions are followed. It is simple and quick. This kit seems expensive but like many good tools it will pay for itself very quickly in reduced initial labor and in eliminating repeat operations. Fi Read more...