Average Rating
Joshua Thomas Owner at Coeur d'Alene Auto Care
Have been using them for 23 years. Very easy system to use and the reports are excellent. Online ordering is simple and the writing process is easy. Only thing I would fix is the tablet program. We added bolt on for text and digital inspections.
Kyle Northrop Owner/Technician at Helena Import Repair
I used this program for 2-3 years, while it was decent to get started it lacked in many ways. They make you sign a contract which renews if you make any changes to the program (adding CRM,texting, etc) The system is a legacy system at best. Think 90's tech here. I made do with it as I don't like change. One day I had several unauthorized charges on my business credit card. I had to get a new card/number, etc.. In my busy day to day I guess I didn Read more...