Average Rating
Brian Dickey Technician at Ronin
IDS is still the best value for the money for oem scanners. unlike GM and others that offer subscription packages which don't give you every thing you want unless you have deep pockets ( like cable t.v. packages ). Ford gives you scanner and programming for all OBD 2 connector vehicles with free upgrades to the latest version every couple of weeks for once a year fee. Programming modules with IDS is practically idiot proof and very fast. They se Read more...
James Heany Shop Foreman/Technician at Aaction Auto Parts
Exactly what a OEM scan tool should be. Easy to use, affordable, full of features and reliable.

Allows quick identification of missing cylinders, programing of keys, programming of all modules, bi-directional data, learning mode and much more.
Marlin Good Owner/Technician at Cascade Automotive Repair and Services, Inc.
The closest thing to a perfect scan tool yet. Amazing capability and data refresh rate. Seamless and easy reprogramming. It does have some quirky PID names and advanced functions.
Robert La Cross Owner/Technician at Bob's Auto Service Center
When it comes to OE level tools. I have to say the Ford IDS is the best for your dollar. The engineers at Ford have put a lot of effort and thought into their tool. Offers great graphing's of multiple PIDS, Bi-directional controls, Network tests, Power balance, Relative compression test, fuel volume tests and saving of captures. Only drawback which is minor is the length of time you can take a capture. You can only take a 2 minute capture when tr Read more...