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Andy Byers Technician at Andy Byers
Unfortunately for Snap-on, the FLIR E4 (a very similar product) outperforms this unit in every aspect, for about 2/3 the price. As all thermal imaging diagnostics is relative to the test subject and conditions, the built in Go/No Go menu is just silly. I was not impressed, to say the least.
Laura Decloedt Owner/Technician at Wally's Garage, LLC
Again another tool from snap on that has no plastic case to protect it if transported and no screen protectors. Just a cheap cardboard box. As much as this tools costs it should come with somthing other then a cardboard box
Eric Sprague Manager/Shop Foreman at Kirks Management Co.
I was quite excited to add this to my diagnostic arsenel. The potential to be able to visualize thermal properties is a huge help in many of the vehicles I see on a regular basis. The biggest drawback I have experienced with this tool is the resolution is not good. While I get that there are going to be surface features that may not show up with the greatest clarity on a thermal camera, there are much higher resolution options that will give obje Read more...