Average Rating
Matthew Leonard Owner/Technician at Leonard Automotive
One of the best diagnostic tools i have. It is my quick go to before i use my Escope. The connector views and component tests are at your fingertips quick. I think the scope and its capabilities are under estimated. My only problem is they do not make an update card anymore. All the files and recordings can be viewed on Shop Stream .
Adam Czajka Technician at Williamsburg Honda
Undeniably one of the most handy tools around. Especially with connector views, pin count, color coded wiring diagrams and how to both test a sensor, and what you should see if it's good. Very slick tool.
Stephen Malfatti Owner at Finish Line Performance
Its a good scope for beginners, and tons of info for pinout locations. However huge drawback is the screen. Not sure what snappy was thinking, but I guess they feel we work in low light conditions. Screen is not bright enough. Sold mine for what I paid so no loss. I think I will get a uscope. I dont do much scope work, and I thought it would be nice having the vantage. But the few times I used it, I hated it
Matt Herold Consultant/Technician at Global Aviation Services
Wish I would have never sold mine. The perfect starter scope for a green technician. An all around great go to tool. To anyone that has a PC based scope, buy one of these just to have quick handheld capabilities. I see them in pawn shops everywhere and keep on the tool truck guys. Most driver's will only take one on trade if they have a quick flip.

I replaced mine with a Vantage Pro. The are a few things the each will do that the other Read more...
John F Kimmel Technician at First Transit
Good 2 channel scope for starting out with. I purchased refurbished. Later purchased a Solus Edge. These two tools work well together.
Steve Wickstrom Technician/Shop Foreman at Dukas Auto Repair
I had my vantage pro over ten years ,purchased extra battery once,was easier/faster to swap battery for longer use time.also made a 4 pin adaptor to use the shielded cables from my genesis scope module.recently traded in for new vantage ultra.new ultra has touch screen and bigger display.so far only drawback is loss of amp port and the need for different adaptor for transducers.but so far great.